Hello! My name is Kelly, and I’m a thirty-something wife, dog mom, and middle school math teacher living in the Washington, DC metro area. I love to eat and drink (craft beer snob here!), pretend to be crafty, make music, obsess over all things Game of Thrones, and torture myself following my beloved Caps and Nats. This blog is a place where I will be sharing my successes and failures in all aspects of my life, so I hope you’ll stick around!

I suppose you can call this a “lifestyle” blog, but as I am not a typical blogger, it will be a little different than you’re probably used to. Yes, there will be the usual topics like beauty, fashion, fitness, food, decor, DIY, and all that jazz… I just write through a different lens than most. I’m messy. I can be insecure. I’m an introvert (INFP to be exact). I’m a huge math nerd. I’m a lot of other things that don’t necessarily translate to a perfect Instagram-worthy life, but I love the life I live, and I am excited to share it with you. I’m so glad you decided to join me in my journey to reject ordinary and discover my best self.