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Okay, the title of this post is not particularly creative – I googled it and it came up with a ton of results, so at least I know I’m not stealing from one person or anything. I just figured it was appropriate since it is Wednesday, and today I want to share some of the things I’ve been obsessing over lately! Thanks to some icy weather overnight/this morning, I am off work, and I busted my ass to get all of my school-related things done this morning so I can relax and do some more fun stuff this afternoon. So here are some things I’m loving lately:

Svaha caffeine molecule scarf!

1) Svaha. (Use my link for 15% off!) Oh my gosh, I am totally loving this clothing company lately. Svaha is a local-to-me company that was established by two ladies who used to work for ThinkGeek (another favorite site of mine), and wanted to get rid of gender stereotypes in children’s clothing and give people more options. They now have clothing for kids and adults to fit every type of amazing nerdiness you can possibly imagine! Their math collection is awesome, and I find it really hard to keep myself from buying everything. The Algebraic Love Scarf is going to be the main attraction of my Valentine’s day outfit this year – how perfect is that?! They recently had a BOGO scarf sale, so I picked up a couple others, including the super cute caffeine molecule scarf in the picture.

CVG tank and moto leggings!

2) Constantly Varied Gear. This is my favorite workout clothing company (shhh… let’s pretend I’ve actually been working out!) – they are badass and amazing, with some (hilarious) NSFW language thrown in. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want a shirt that says “I’d give up carbs, but I’m not a quitter”? Scroll through a couple pages of tanks, and check out their “squat proof” leggings while you’re at it – you won’t be disappointed. I posted this picture on my Instagram (@rejectingordinary) recently, but I mean come on – that tank and those leggings!! Love!!

3) This ridiculously comfortable sweatshirt from Target.  It’s seriously the softest thing, and it just makes me happy to wear something that says “hooray for rose” on it. I did not for a second regret using a gift card from a student on this thing – I wear it constantly at home!

4) Influenster. I’ve been a member of Influenster for much longer than I’ve been writing this blog. Based on surveys you do and your social reach, brands send you products or coupons to try things out and honestly review them. I’ve been able to try everything from food and drinks to hair products, to an air purifier! It’s awesome! You can earn badges and qualify for more prizes from the brands as well, depending on how much you post about a product.

5) My Star Wars outfit – worn to NYE and the newest movie! I’ll admit, I had never seen any Star Wars movie until a few years ago, but thanks to a husband who is a big fan and a Thanksgiving weekend movie marathon a couple years ago, I am all caught up and really enjoy them. Our friends always throw an awesome themed NYE party, and this year’s theme was Star Wars… so I couldn’t NOT get this shirt from Amazon, which comes in 5 colors and in men’s and women’s cuts. I’m also a huge fan of these BlankNYC jeans, which I snagged on super crazy sale just before Christmas. I don’t own any other “distressed” jeans because I’m still not sure of the whole idea of them, but I really like the way these look and fit. (Booties and cardigan are both old, also from Target!)

Well, there you go – I hope you enjoyed hearing about a few of my favorite things! While you’re here, check out my #mealplanmonday archive (link in the menu bar!) and let me know what you think! Happy hump day!





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