home chef meals – week of jan 25 – feb 3

I’m a little sad to be halfway through my 8-week Home Chef experiment, and am really hoping I conclude this saves me money (or at least doesn’t cost me extra), because I really look forward to making these meals every week! This week was also full of winners – we really haven’t had a bad recipe yet!


Meal #1 this week was the absolutely delicious Caprese Burger. This was definitely not one of the healthier options we’ve tried, at almost 950 calories per serving, but OHMYGOSH were they delicious. I really don’t think it would be too hard to lighten up this recipe without losing flavor, so I will most likely try that sometime soon. It was exactly the type of treat meal I needed after a long day at work. (Calories per serving: 948 / Time on recipe: 35-45 minutes / Actual time: 50 minutes, again probably because I am the slowest chopper/prepper ever)


Meal #2 was a classic that I am a fan of, but had never tried to make myself – Chicken Piccata. We both ate our fill of chicken and pasta, and still had enough pasta left over for a lunch portion, which is always good. As much as I haaaaaaaaate zesting things, the lemon zest definitely added a lot to the flavor, and the recipe wasn’t super difficult overall. I may make this one again, as it was very good, but it’s probably not at the top of my list. (Calories per serving: 835 but neither of us ate half the prepared pasta / Time on recipe: 25-35 minutes / Actual time: 35 minutes)


Meal #3 was our “date night in” meal of choice on Saturday – Barbacoa Steak Tacos. We both really enjoyed this recipe, and yet again have another good taco option to add to our ever rotating list! I went easy on the “pickled” jalapeno to avoid it being too spicy, but thought it had really good flavor. I also love queso fresco, and need to use it more often. Every time I make tacos, though, I lament not having taco holders… I’m trying to avoid unnecessary purchases, but those just might be necessary in the near future. (Calories per serving: 679 / Time on recipe: 25-35 minutes / Actual time: 35 minutes, but I had a little help from the hubs near the end)


There we have it – another successful week of Home Chef (referral link for $30 off your first box)! I was in such a meal planning rut before this, so I am thankful for the break in routine. Some nights I don’t feel like putting in 45+ minutes of effort, but when a meal comes together and I am actually excited about eating it, it is definitely worth it!


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