january recap and february goals

Wow, where did January go?! I decided today would be perfect to recap how I did with my January-specific goals (which I didn’t actually post here… oops!), and decide on new ones for February.

January 2018 Goals:

  • #12goalsin12months –  declutter and organize the gray room so it is functional – success! 🙂
  • #12projectsin12months – keep up with bullet journal for all of January – mostly a success! I did not do weekly spreads for the last two weeks because I didn’t feel like I really needed them, but I kept up with my habit tracker and memory calendar, so I consider it a win 🙂
  • blog – be consistent in posting at least twice per week – success! 🙂
  • health/fitness – no booze 2x/week (massive fail after the first week), workout 2x/week and 10 total in January (fail – I only had one “real” workout in there and a couple shorter ones), bring real lunch to work (fail again)… clearly this category will be my focus next month. Ugh.


Despite the epic fail of my health/fitness goals (partially from being sick, partially from not giving AF), I did do well nutrition-wise for the most part. I have decided not to count anything in 2018 related to food (calories, containers, anything!) and focus on mindful eating, and it has been super liberating and I feel great. I do still need to eat more veggies and bring a real lunch to school, so I think I will try to combine the two for one of my February goals.

February 2018 Goals:

  • #12goalsin12months – I’m going to roll this one in with health and fitness – see below.
  • #12projectsin12months – finally do the string art project that has been sitting in its box for months!
  • blog – 10 posts in February
  • health/fitness – umm… I don’t know where to start. I’m thinking 1) bring veggies to keep at school for lunch (since I just snack anyways and need to eat more of them), 2) actually work out again – I’ll set a goal of 8 times this month, and 3) drink less than I did in January. I record the number of drinks I have on my habit tracker, so I’ll total it, scale it to 28 days (math nerd!), and aim for maybe 5 fewer to start.
  • finances – no. unnecessary. purchases. (I am the woooooooooorst at this – hello Amazon!)
  • work – produce at least one quality resource to post on my TeachersPayTeachers site for others to download/use


Hopefully I can do at least a little better in the health/fitness realm during February – other than that, I want to focus on building on my successes in January! 1 month down, 11 to go – let’s do this, 2018!


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  1. The no unnecessary purchases is actually one of my goals too haha (it must be in our DNA). One of my coworkers suggested that I think about it this way…if I already have it, I don’t need another. I already have 10 candles, do I really need that new scent? Or do I really need that new dress when I already have too many?

    Obviously there are exceptions, but that’s a good way to start thinking about it. I’ve also been putting things in a private Amazon wish list and going back in a week (if it’s not an immediate need) and seeing if I still really want it. Usually the answer is no… it’s been helping my impulse spending 😉

    1. Yes!! We are clearly related, haha 🙂 I have a private “shopping list” on Amazon that I’ve been utilizing in a similar way. Prime just makes it too easy!

      1. Haha yes it does. Thought about getting rid of it for that reason alone. But that’ll never happen, especially with my love for Fresh 🤣

        PS you should consider sharing your bujo spreads and lettering on your blog and IG (and definitely the string art when you’re done!) You got the artistic gene so I’d love to see what you don’t mind sharing 😊

        1. Those are definitely on my list to start sharing when I’m more confident about them 😊 Thanks for the encouragement though – might do it sooner than I was thinking!

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