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meal plan monday #1 and my go-to meals

Well, it’s 12:30pm and I’m finally doing something with myself today. I survived the first week of school (woohoo!), and I have some really great kids this year. I feel a lot better about myself as an educator than I did this time last year (I was nervous to return to the classroom after 4 years out), which makes a huge difference in my mental health. Without further ado, here’s my #mealplanmonday for this week! We are going out of town on Friday and I have Back-to-School night Thursday, so it’s pretty short. I’ll include some of my go-to meal plan fillers and ideas at the end as a bonus!

Sunday – burgers, carnitas tacos, and macaroni and cheese (I know, weirdest combo ever, but we had some friends over so variety was good! Hubs specifically requested this mac and cheese – it’s sooooooo good!)

MondayGreek chicken drumsticks, cucumber/tomato/onion salad, flatbread, hummus, and tzatziki

Tuesday – steak and frozen potatoes/green beans

Wednesday – leftovers

To be honest, I realized when I looked at my list for this week that I never chose a meal for Tuesday. Oops! That’s okay, though – I always keep an arsenal of frozen meats and veggies/sides for times like that! I buy meat when it is on sale (often in bulk), and wrap/freeze anything I’m not planning on using before the expiration date. I also stalk Omaha Steaks for good deals. As far as sides, I love SteamFresh frozen vegetables, and their somewhat newer protein mixes are awesome as well. With a well-stocked freezer, I can easily throw something together on short notice. When I need to add another meal to a plan and don’t want to make a full-blown complicated recipe, I usually just pull a couple steaks, pork chops, or chicken breasts out of the freezer, prep them with some kind of seasoning (Adobo, garlic and herb, chipotle garlic, mesquite… the possibilities are endless), and pair them with a frozen veggie or side. Voila – instant, easy meal! I do a lot of cooking with my Instant Pot (which I LOVE, especially when I forget to thaw something), Crock Pot (less than $25 and the lid clips on!), and (mentioned in a previous post and also less than $25) George Foreman grill. I also keep eggs, bacon, and single servings of guacamole handy for when we feel like brinner (breakfast for dinner) – or when I have leftover veggies, I’ll throw together a frittata. All in all, I get so easily stressed out about other things that I try not to let meal planning add any stress.

What are your favorite easy go-to meals? Anything you think I should try?

Well I hope you all have a great week! I am still in denial that fall is almost here (#summergirl), but I’m hoping for a good one.



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