recipe – spicy chicken bowls

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Hi everyone! I hope your week is going well so far. This is my “prep week” at school (the week teachers are on contract before students arrive), so things have been pretty hectic! I just wanted to touch base and give you all an awesome easy healthy recipe, which I will probably make pretty often to keep myself sane during the school year.

I have made a variation of this before, but when I went to make it yesterday, I realized I was out of my usual hot sauce (Frank’s Red Hot). Thanks to Google and AllRecipes, I found a spice mix that made some delicious spicy chicken – I think I might actually like it better than my usual variation! I’m not going to put actual measurements in this post so you can adjust to the amount you want to use – basically it’s just throwing a bunch of delicious things in a bowl together and calling it a day!


Spicy Chicken Bowls

For the spicy chicken seasoning (source), combine:

2½ T paprika

2T garlic powder

1T salt

1T dried thyme

1T ground cayenne pepper

1T ground black pepper

I mixed this up in a small Tupperware-like container, and used about ¼-⅓ of it for two 4oz chicken breasts. I usually cook my chicken on my George Foreman grill, just because it’s quick and easy. This could easily be baked as well – time and temperature depend on how much you’re making!

Prepare your preferred amount of chicken, quinoa (or rice, cauliflower rice, etc.), and steamed broccoli (I use frozen Steamfresh Broccoli Cuts).

Basically I just put together a bowl with a scoop each of quinoa (or your preferred substitute), steamed broccoli, and spicy chicken (using the spice mix above, hot sauce, Buffalo sauce, or something not as spicy if you prefer!), drizzle with Ranch dressing (I use Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt Ranch), and add some shredded cheddar cheese if I feel like it.

I know that’s the worst recipe structure ever (haha) – sorry, I will work on it! I would add amounts except that I made WAY too much quinoa, slightly too much broccoli, and the right amount of chicken… so it wouldn’t be super accurate. It’s really a great dish, though – super easy, and can be modified to your liking! Let me know if you try it!


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