back-to-school lifesavers

Well, here we go – school starts tomorrow and I’ll have 130-ish new teenagers to get to know in the next few months! I am actually pretty excited to get the school year going, as I’ve made a lot of positive changes in myself personally and professionally. However, it’s also the beginning of the end […]

recipe – spicy chicken bowls

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Shopping through my link helps me earn a commission 🙂   Hi everyone! I hope your week is going well so far. This is my “prep week” at school (the week teachers are on contract before students arrive), so things have been pretty hectic! I just wanted to touch […]

happy saturday! :)

Happy weekend, everyone! This post was supposed to be titled “Friday Fun,” but that clearly didn’t happen – oops! It has been a crazy last week of summer for me, mostly setting up my classroom and taking care of last-minute details so I won’t be going as crazy during prep week. It’s hard to believe […]


I’ve never been particularly good at taking care of myself. It has always been second nature for me to take care of other people and do everything I can to make them happy, but I’ve realized that in doing that, I have really neglected my own well being. I think there is definitely a happy […]


I’ll be honest, starting this blog is a little scary. Maybe I should say re-starting… this is probably the fourth time I’ve attempted to start a blog in the past few years. It’s scary to put myself out there. It’s scary to write about my insecurities, my issues, and to be honest, even my successes. […]

jack of all trades (master of none)

One of my former coworkers once called me a “jack of all trades” – I was in a very different position at the time, not in the classroom, so I did my job as well as a bunch of other random stuff I happened to be good at. That ranged from helping with testing to […]

well hello there, friends!

Hi everyone! I’m so glad you decided to join me on my journey to discover the best version of myself. I’m going to warn you of one thing to start with – I tend to be a somewhat awkward writer, as I am a math person. So if my spelling or grammar isn’t completely correct, […]